14 May 2021,
  • HSI:
    28,231.04 217.23 (0.78%)
    10,508.76 77.21 (0.74%)
    41,632.17 447.98 (1.09%)
    100.08 -4.05 (-3.89%)
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    4,076.94 -37.17 (-0.90%)
    9,425.85 16.69 (0.18%)
    16,377.71 -105.98 (-0.64%)
HSCI 10,508.8 77.2
HKSPLC25 41,632.2 448.0
HKSPGEM 100.1 -4.1
HSCEI 10,506.0 74.5
HSCCI 4,076.9 -37.2
HSFML25 9,425.9 16.7
H-FIN 16,377.7 -106.0
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King Stone Energy Group Limited (00663.HK)

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King Stone Energy Group Limited (the “Company”, Stock Code: 663.HK) is principally engaged in the mining and selling of silver in the People’s Republic of China and oil and gas extraction and production in the United States of America. Following the completion of the subscription of majority stakes of the Company by the fund jointly set up by Beida Jade Bird Group and the experts with strong international energy investment background in January 2013, the Company has built up a new management team with strong and comprehensive natural resources, oil and gas background. Since then, the Company has been actively seeking opportunity to acquire heavy oil extraction technology and pursuing upstream oil and gas exploration and production projects in North America to further strengthen the asset portfolio of the Company.
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Mr. Zhang Wanzhong - Executive Director and Chairman

Extensive experience in managing listing companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong

- President and compliance officer of Beijing Beida Jade Bird Universal Sci-Tech Company Limited (‘‘Jade Bird Universal’’) (stock code: 8095)
- Director of Beida Jade Bird Universal Investments (USA) Limited, Beida Jade Bird Universal Fire Alarm Device Company Limited and Chuanqi Tourism Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Beida Jade Bird International Education Investment Management Co., Ltd.
- Vice president of Beida Jade Bird Limited
- Worked in several administrative departments of Peking University including the vice president of the Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System Department of Peking University which was responsible for the State’s focal science and technological project
 - Master’s degree in science, Peking University

Mr. Zong Hao - Chief Executive Director

Proven experience in investments and corporate financing

- Executive vice president of Quintana China and Taggart China LLC from 2007 to January 2013
- Independent director of Suzhou Electrical Apparatus Science Academy Co., Ltd., a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock code: 300215)
- Chief representative of Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company Inc. Beijing office from 2003 to 2010
- Master of Laws from Buffalo Law School, the State University of New York

Mr. Xu Zhuliang - Executive Director

Extensive experience in coal mine and chemical projects

- Assistant to President and Vice President of Beijda Jade Bird Group and is primarily responsible for the management of the company’s coal mine and chemical projects
- Worked for Shanxi Tianchengdayang Energy Chemical Industry Co. Ltd., a company specialised in the development, production and processing of energy chemical products
- Worked for Shanxi Glamour Science & Technology Co. Ltd. where he was responsible for the research and development, investment, construction and operation of the coal mine and chemical projects
- Obtained a Diploma from Taiyuan University of Technology
- Holds the Safety Qualification Certificate issued by the State Administration of Work Safety

Mr. Chiu Sui Keung - Independent Non-Executive Director

20 years’ experience in strategic management of listed companies, the financial industry/ accounting field, and corporate finance

- CEO and Executive Director of Sino Resources Group (223.HK)
- Executive Director, Corporate Finance, CITIC Securities International Company Limited
- Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, University of Melbourne, Australia; Master’s Degree in Applied Finance, Macquarie University, Australia
- CPA Australia; AICPA; fellow member of HKICPA

Mr. Lee Ping - Independent Non-Executive Director

Over 20 years’ experience in energy and petroleum industry

- Mr. Lee is the President and General Manager of BG Group China, a world leader in natural gas industry
- Served as President of Schlumberger China, the world largest oilfield services company
- Spent ten years in Schlumberger-Doll Research and Austin Research as senior and principal research scientist, and is a holder of over twenty scientific publications and two patents

Mr. Liu Shengming - Independent Non-Executive Director

- He is a senior engineer and has over 20 years of solid knowledge and experience in inspection and certification sector
- He is the president of China Certification & Inspection (Group) Co., Ltd (“CCIC”), an independent third party certification and inspection organization
- Worked in China Commodity Inspection Institute (中國商檢研究所) for over 10 years.
- Worked in China Inspection Company Limited (Hong Kong) and Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China.

Mr. Lee Kwok Wan - Independent Non-Executive Director

He graduated with a Master in Finance in 1989 from Macquarie University and has more than 30 years of experience in merger and acquisitions, manufacturing, banking, and investment management. 

He is the general manager of Heritage Resources Limited which serves as a private equity fund service provider platform.

He has more than 30 years of experience in merger and acquisitions, manufacturing, banking, and investment management. He also has an in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide array of business sectors having worked as both the vice president in Beijing and consultant in Hong Kong of Elion Resources group.

After being acted as the director of China-Ukraine Fund and Association, senior vice president of private equity in charge of operations of Jin Dou Development Fund under the platform of China Investment Corporation (CIC) in Kazakhstan, and held a series of management positions with multi-national companies and OCBC Baking Group of Singapore in Singapore, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates, Germany, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and China.

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Listed Date 30 Nov 1990

Address 6th Floor,
Bank of China Building, 2A Des Voeux Road Central, Central,
Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2801-5663

Facsimile (852) 2530-5663

Email king.stone@663hk.com

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