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Guolian Securities Co., Ltd. (01456.HK)

Financial Services




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2019 (IR)
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Business Summary:
The group are one of the leading integrated securities firms in Wuxi based on trading volume of agency sales of securities. The group have comprehensive service network coverage and diversified product offerings that support The group's rapid growing business.

Performance for the year:
The group's revenue and other income increased by 39.8% from RMB772.4 million in 2012 to RMB1,079.5 million in 2013, and further increased by 97.5% to RMB2,131.6 million in 2014, representing a CAGR of 66.1%. The group's net profit for the year increased by 196.2% from RMB92.1 million in 2012 to RMB272.8 million in 2013, and further increased by 167.7% to RMB730.4 million in 2014, representing a CAGR of 181.6%. In addition, as at December 31, 2012, 2013 and 2014, The group had total assets of RMB9,295.9 million, RMB11,932.3 million and RMB20,448.8 million, respectively.

Business Review:
The group are one of the leading integrated securities firms in Wuxi based on trading volume of agency sales of securities. The group have comprehensive service network coverage and diversified product offerings that support The group's rapid growing business. According to Wind Info, The group's branch network is the most extensive in Wuxi among all PRC securities firms with branches there. In 2014, Wuxi had a nominal GDP of RMB820.5 billion, which was the third highest in Jiangsu province. In 2014, The group ranked 46th among all PRC securities firms in terms of net income from agency sales of securities (for brokerage business), according to SAC. The group have also strategically established The group's presence in Jiangsu province and other parts of China. The group believe The group are well-positioned to capitalize on the rapid growth in the securities industry in Wuxi as well as in Jiangsu province and the ample business opportunities emerging from the gradual relaxation of securities regulations in China. The group provide a wide range of financial products and services to individuals, corporations, financial institutions and government entities. The group's principal business lines include:

· Brokerage: The group act as agent to The group's customers in the trading of stocks, funds and bonds and also provide other services, such as the sales of financial products, futures IB business and investment advisory business.

· Investment banking: The group provide equity financing, debt financing and financial advisory services to institutional clients through The group's majority-owned subsidiary, Hua Ying Securities. The group also directly provide listing and referral services as chief agency broker to help companies enter into the NEEQ.

· Asset management and investment: The group offer collective asset management scheme, targeted asset management scheme and specialized asset management scheme to The group's clients. The group also carry out direct investment business through The group's wholly-owned subsidiary, Guolian Capital.

· Credit transactions: The group use the funds The group own or raise to provide margin financing and securities lending services and engage in other types of capital-based intermediary businesses, such as securities-backed lending and securities repurchase.

· Proprietary trading: The group engage in the trading of stocks, bonds and funds as well as derivatives with The group's own account to achieve investment gains.

In light of the recent liberalization of the PRC securities market, The group aim to be at the forefront of innovation and capture growth opportunities in the marketplace and thereby, increase The group's profitability and sustain The group's rapid growth. The group intend to achieve these goals through executing client-centric, innovation-driven strategies that are focused on balanced and synergistic growth among The group's various business lines. The group will continue to focus on the securities market in Wuxi and Jiangsu province, and leverage The group's regional advantage to enhance The group's competitive strengths to expand The group's strategic presence elsewhere in China. Specifically, The group's business strategies include the following aspects: (i) strengthen The group's market position in the brokerage business and continue to promote its transformation to lay a solid foundation for the development of The group's other businesses; (ii) capture opportunities from PRC securities industry reform to strengthen The group's regional advantage, and gradually grow into a competitive modern investment bank; (iii) emphasize and expand The group's asset management business through product research and development; (iv) continue to expand The group's customer base to grow The group's margin financing and securities lending business, rapidly develop The group's other capital-based intermediary businesses and achieve stable long-term growth; (v) continue to expand the scale of The group's proprietary trading business; and (vi) further develop Internet trading, expand sales channels, improve platform construction and emphasize on Internet trading product innovation.

The Company is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance, to increase transparency and accountability to shareholders.

Board of Directors

The Board comprises nine Directors, includes:

● Executive Director: Mr. Ge Xiaobo

● Non-executive Director: Mr. Yao Zhiyong (Chairman), Mr. Hua Weirong, Mr. Zhou Weiping, Mr. Liu Hailin and Mr. Zhang Weigang

● Independent non-executive Director: Mr. Chu, Howard Ho Hwa, Mr. Lu Yuanzhu and Mr. Wu Xingyu

Primary Responsibilities:
- executing the resolutions of the shareholders’ general meetings and convening and reporting to the general meetings

- formulating business plans, investment plans, financial plans. Profit distribution plans and plans for securities issuance of our Companymaking decision on the establishment of our Company’s internal management structures and branches and formulating the basic management policies of our Company

- appointing, reviewing and dismissing the senior management of our Companymanaging the information disclosure of our Company

- Performing its duties pursuant to the relevant PRC laws and regulations, the Listing Rules, the Articles of Association and resolutions of the shareholders’ general meetings

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee comprises five members, includes:

● Mr. Jiang Zhiqiang(Chairman), Mr.Zhou Weixing, Mr. Ren Jun, Ms.Yu Lei, and Ms.Shen Yin

Primary Responsibilities:
- reviewing the financial situation and examining the financial information of our Company

- supervising the conducts of the Directors and senior management in their discharge of duties, advising on the dismissal of any Director and senior management where their conducts are detrimental to the interests of our Companyproposing to convene an extraordinary general meeting and convening and presiding over the general meeting when necessary

- submitting proposals to the general meetingsattending Board meetings and making enquiries and recommendations on the Board resolutions

- exercising other powers as authorized by the Articles of Association

Articles of Associations
List of Directors and Their Roles and Functions
Audit Committee
Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Risk Control Committee
Strategy Committee
Corporate Governance Duties
Procedures for SHs to Propose Director


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Listed Date 06 Jul 2015

Address 18/F, Tesbury Centre,
28 Queen’s Road East,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Telephone +86 510-82833209

Facsimile +86 510-82833124

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